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Product listing

After inserting your items inside the dispenser, go to the products page and click on the "+" button on the top.

In the "Item" field, start typing the item name for the product you wish to list, it should show a dropdown with the matching options, click on it.

Now proceed to the "Price" field, and type the products price. The next field is the products name, which should be auto completed with the item name, but, if you wish, you can always edit to something else. The last field is the Image UUID. It is optional but recommended to set. It will be used on the store redelivery page and in the bloggers page

That is all you need to list your first product. If you are selling a no transfer item, or would like to make it bloggable, you can go to the second tab "Blog & Permissions, and adjust it. Customers can request redeliveries for items set as "Copy" (the default option), so unchecking the "Copy" permission is important when selling no-copy items.

The "Bloggable" option will make the product available for you bloggers to retrieve it.

The last tab, "Profit Share" is also optional. There you can add users to split the profit of this product's sale with. Useful when creating something together with other residents.

Now, all you need to do is click "Save" and your product will be listed!


  • The product permissions checkboxes are used for you to inform the system what permissions your product have
  • Changing the permissions on the website will not change the permissions of the item in the dispenser, you must ensure that the item is properly configured with the proper permissions inworld!