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Mass product listing

You can easily list many products easily with the "Mass listing" feature!

Go to the products page, click on the "+" button at the top, and then click on the "Mass create" button.

There you'll be able to specify the product price and optionally also an image UUID. This price and image will be applied to all products created in this operation.

Now you should specify a term for filtering which items you want to list. If no filter is specified, all unlisted items will be listed.


You have in your dispenser 4 items: 'Fancy shoes', 'Fancy hat', 'Fancy pants' and 'Gorgeous shirt'. All of them are still unlisted.

Now you fill the mass create fields with a price of L$100 and type 'fancy' in the filter field.

This will list all items that contain the word 'fancy' in their name, which are : 'Fancy shoes', 'Fancy hat', and 'Fancy pants'.

'Gorgeous shirt' will not be listed because it doesn't contain the word 'fancy'.

This allows for a really easy way of listing products with different colors or styles!